Solid Oak Furniture for Your Bedroom

The furniture you choose for your bedroom not only reveals your taste but also mirrors your personality. Seeing what style of bookcases, wardrobes, and dressers you choose gives an onlooker an insight into your inner thoughts and self. How you arrange your furniture shows your neatness, preferences and what makes you feel safe and comfortable: Your bedroom furniture choices also reveal how you perceive beauty. If you are in the process of renovating your bedroom or moving into a new house; consider classic solid oak furniture for your bedroom.


Solid oak furniture in a bedroom not only looks fabulous but it is also a good investment. Quality oak furniture will last you for the rest of your life, and will probably also be used by several generations to come. Although oak furniture is more expensive than other bedroom items on the market, it is a sound investment.

Some Good Reasons to Buy Oak Furniture

The durability of oak furniture is impressive: This is mostly attributed to the timber’s very low rate of absorption. Oak is also fungi and bug resistant, and therefore your oak furniture will not get woodworm or become mouldy.

It is a combination of the beauty and sturdiness of oak that makes it a popular choice for furniture.

Oak can be used throughout the house, and therefore the other rooms will be in uniform with your bedroom. You could even have garden furniture made from oak, and it lasts just as well outside, with a little tender loving care.

You will find just about every item of furniture that you can think of is available in oak. Some items will be extremely elaborate and others plain in style. Oak can be found in many different shades, so you’re bound to find something that matches existing furniture.

Caring for Oak Furniture Items

Naturally you will want your oak furniture to last for several generations, so your investment can be one that is not only appreciated by you, but also by your children and grandchildren. There are a few things you should do to make sure your oak furniture items last as long as possible.

Around once every six months, the furniture should be polished with beeswax. This should be done in the same direction as the grain of the oak, rather than rubbing in a circular motion.

Other than this you should dust your oak furniture with a dry cloth, and very occasionally with a slightly damp cloth. If a drink is spilled onto an oak table or surface, you should wipe up the liquid as quickly as possible. In the event that a stain is left from spilled liquids or water stains from a glass, this can usually be removed with a little bit of butter or margarine. Rub it into the stain and leave on overnight. In the morning buff with a dry soft cloth; you should find that the stain disappears. It it is advisable to use coasters under hot and cold drinks, in order to avoid watermarks and unsightly rings on your oak furniture.

Just like with any other furniture item you should try to keep your oak furniture away from direct sunlight and other heat sources.