Secrets To Finding Antique Furniture Value

Antique furniture values generally always appreciate. In order to get the best out of antiquing it is important that you are able to establish antique furniture prices for yourself if furniture is indeed the antique niche that you are particularly interested in.

The first key to determining the value of the furniture is to assure that the furniture is truly antique. With the increased ability of truer modern-day copies, one must develop a keen eye. Learning the difference in antiques and modern-day replicas is the first step to determining the value of your antique. You must be knowledgeable about the brands or the name of the person who crafted or made the furniture. This can be achieved by researching particular vintage furniture in books or on the internet.

The other thing that influences antique furniture values is the items collectability. In such cases, you can bargain on antique prices and get a good deal. But always keep in mind that the person who is selling the antique is only up to one thing; to gain profit out of the item.

Getting a feel for the value of the antique you are looking at is an absolute prerequisite to seriously taking up this realm of antiquing. Antique furniture pricing can vary widely, depending on exactly what type of antiques we’re talking about. Plus, antique furniture values are heavily influenced by the condition of the joints and how stable the piece is. The condition of the piece of furniture will also determine its value. Determine if the furniture is structurally sound. Look for signs of repair work on the piece, including refinishing. While an antique that is in “mint” condition is much more valuable than one with some scratches, if you try to repair the scratches, then you will devalue the piece.

Conduct enough research to learn about the era when the furniture was made to determine the age of the piece. Find out how many pieces of this particular piece of furniture were made because, The fewer items there are of a particular antique, the more valuable the antique is likely to be. You must also be able to determine whether the furniture you want is an American or European antique. Having knowledge about these two will help you determine both their antique furniture values.