Dress Your Home to Impress with the Top 10 Decorating Trends for 2019

Interior decorating is undergoing a bit of a transformation as the economy is shifting again. People have a little more money to spend on their homes, but they’re interested in doing most of the interior decorating themselves. This means that the latest decorating trends for 2019 are bold and inspired rather than ostentatious and expensive. People on a budget will love the new interior decorating trends because they can participate and bring fresh new touches into their homes and not risk missing a mortgage payment to do so. We’ve come up with a list of the top 10 interior decorating trends for 2019 and encourage you to try at least one of them, possibly several of them, to dress up your home.
  1. Birds and feathers and anything aviary is a huge trend in 2019. You may have already noticed how birds have crept into fashion, now they’ll start appearing in your home. The trendiest bird of all may be the owl.
  2. Benneton recently listed Tangerine Tango as its colour of the year for 2019, so expect to see pops of bright orange dotting the trendiest homes. You can buy Tangering paint and other unusual colours at Arcrite.
  3. Neutrals are also a popular way to decorate homes in 2019. Rather than relying on loads of saturated colours, soft and soothing neutrals are taking over and smaller pops of colour are used to add visual interest.
  4. Nature is not a new decorating trend, not by any means, but it is holding strong in 2019. While in the past some decorating elements were inspired by nature, today’s decorating is a little more heavy-handed. Look for rocks, feathers, driftwood and other natural elements to creep into home interiors.
  5. Glass lamp bases are a really hot trend and can be found for very reasonable prices. The best part about this trend for people who own small homes is they don’t visually take up space and can make your room feel more open. If you look around you might be able to find a fillable lamp base that you can load with trinkets and other items when you want a change.
  6. Pendant lights have been around for a while but more and more they’re becoming the desired lighting option for a kitchen or a loft making overhead lights (especially fluorescent ones) looking very outdated.
  7. Decorated ceilings is something new that is picking up steam. Wallpaper is an excellent way to add some visual interest to a ceiling and the newest wallpapers are easy to hang and just as easy to remove, perfect for this ceiling trend.
  8. Taking a note from the nature trend perhaps, garden décor is very popular for the home in 2019. Yes, that’s right, actual garden décor brought into your home. Look for lanterns, bird baths, decorative planters and anything else that you can creatively incorporate into your home’s décor.
  9. Recycled furniture is popular today, but you may be more familiar with it by its old term – used furniture. The recycling movement is hot, so repurposing or refurbishing old furniture is a very trendy thing to do. Make it a fun project and turn it into a DIY from start to finish.
  10. One of the biggest trends in home interiors for 2019 is divan beds. It seems everybody needs or wants a divan and is incorporating them into their bedrooms. Cheap to buy, this long-lasting bed will give you extra space, as these days most divan beds have drawers incorporated into the base. You can buy divans online for a great price.

Mixing a couple of the top interior decorating trends for 2019 may give you a fresh new look without costing a lot of money. Most of these interior decorating trends can be found inexpensively or are great little do it yourself projects.