Choosing Between Memory Foam and Latex – Everything You Need to Know

Today it is more difficult than ever to choose between a memory foam mattress and a latex mattress when looking to replace bedroom furniture , especially if you are looking for a next day delivery. Advancements in the mattress manufacturing sector mean that almost anyone can quickly and easily find the right mattress to suit their individual needs and this is important. It is important because it is the main reason why people have to choose.

Both memory foam and latex offer far superior comfort and support. They have also both been a trusted mattress type for many users for decades. Take a look at our little information snippet to give you all the information you need before making your choice.

Latex Mattresses

These have for long been the trusted mattress type. If you did not already know, the humble latex mattress was first founded in the 1950s. It is also widely believed that latex mattresses are very healthy due to the manufacturing process, which sees each mattress crafted from natural rubber.

Latex mattresses are also durable lasting upwards of 10 years. If you prefer a firmer mattress, then latex is the right choice for you. While the mattress is very capable of conforming to your body’s natural curves it does not give the sleeper a sinking feeling. The mattress is also odor free and breathes better than memory foam mattresses.

Latex mattresses are on the other hand, far more expensive than any other mattress, especially so if you opt to buy a pure latex mattress. They may also not be readily available because it may still need to be manufactured or ordered from the manufacturers.

Memory Foam Mattresses

You will find that mattresses manufactured from memory foam come in a wide variety of sizes and also types. For the consumer looking to make a quick choice, these are absolutely perfect. They are also much cheaper than latex mattresses. The technology that goes into the production of a memory foam mattress is widely available.

Memory foam mattresses offer a more plush sleep. This is because the mattress is designed to more effectively contour to the shape of your body. For many, this means they can easily sleep without feeling aches and pains the following morning.

The mattresses are produced from synthetic materials. While this production process does come with its own set of myths, many manufacturers are careful to ensure that the materials used today are not harmful to your health. But, be sure to have a look at a health certificate or similar attached to your mattress.

Memory foam mattresses also tend to sleep much warmer.  This means that if you get hot while you sleep you should rather consider buying a latex mattress for its breathability. It should be noted, however, that new techniques for the manufacture of mattresses allow for increased airflow. In addition to this, you may also find that your mattress expels a strong chemical odor once unpackaged. This is because your newly bought mattress will have to expand to the right size after you remove the packaging.